SION's main organization values are: quality, variety, innovativeness, relationships, collective learning and sharing of knowledge, openness to criticism. We focuse on designing and applying technology, information and knowledge, negate stereotypes and continuously adjust our operation methods to current situation. The dominating assets for us are knowledge and intellectual resources, using experience to create new knowledge and control the acquired skills, thus the growing and updated experience allows us to master new concepts and experimentation. We maintain high tolerance of uncertainty, the atmosphere of creative chaos, extraordinary events seen as the source of inspiration. There are no bad ideas and no matter how crazy they are. The most important is to pay attention to them and when they are connected to willingness for realization, then there are no obstacles to reach the final innovative product.


Our creative team is responsible for all aspects of the ongoing software and hardware development - from the identification and initial specification, through to planning, designing and developing.


We need to check everything and anything we produce because things can go wrong - sometimes humans make mistakes. It is very important to ensure the quality of the product, which includes accurate, consistent and reliable results with effective performance.


The product is built in accordance with the specified requirements and specifications, it is already tested and accepted. No, this is not the end because the product effectiveness and efficiency must be continuously evaluated and improved, but the efforts and resources are less. Sooooooo ……. Let us go and start with the next idea!